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Texas women deserve equal pay for equal work.

But Republican candidate for Governor Greg Abbott said he would veto the Texas Equal Pay Act if elected Governor - just like he defended pay discrimination as Attorney General.

Enough is enough. Texas needs new leadership. Sign your name and become an equal pay advocate.

I support common sense equal pay legislation. It’s absurd that Texas women are paid 80 cents for every dollar a man earns. And it’s even more absurd that Republicans running for office in November don’t seem to care.

Greg Abbott—who pays women in the Attorney General’s office less than men for the same jobs—proudly proclaimed he’d follow in Rick Perry’s footsteps and veto equal pay legislation if elected Governor this November.

All the good ol’ boys at the top of the GOP ticket seem to agree: women are worth less than men. Republican lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick, attorney general candidate Ken Paxton, and comptroller candidate Glenn Hager all voted against the bill that would make it easier for women to fight back against wage discrimination.

Election Day in Texas in November 4, 2014. Pledge to educate your friends and family on this critical law and the politicians who oppose it by advocating for equal pay for equal work.


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    Through surrogates and staff, Greg Abbott has said he would veto the Texas version of the Lilly Ledbetter Act - what has commonly been called the Texas Equal Pay Act. Abbott's response - that existing laws are enough - was discredited by both the Texas Supreme Court and the Fort Worth Court of Appeals, who have ruled that state law is insufficient, and that Texas must pass its own version of the Equal Pay Act.

    The federal version of the law offers protection in federal courts - but does not provide standing in state courts which can provide more affordable and timely judgments. This is why 42 other states have passed equal pay laws.

    For more background information, please visit the Progress Texas website