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    Send a message to Macy's by boycotting for opposing the equal pay law, HB 950.


    I will not shop at Macy's because they urged Governor Rick Perry to veto the equal pay law, HB 950.


    Last year Macy's signed a letter to Governor Rick Perry urging him to veto the equal pay law, HB 950. The bill was written by Senator Wendy Davis and Representative Senfronia Thompson and approved by the Texas Legislature. This law would have given legal standing to women who are paid less for doing the same job as a man.

    Macy's claims 73% of its management-level executives are female. But when it comes to protecting their rights in Texas courts - the corporation sides against women, claiming that "existing Texas laws provide strong remedies for resolution." This is false and underscores Macy's lack of public policy knowledge.

    Rick Perry went on to veto the equal pay law, and Attorney General Greg Abbott, now a candidate for governor, has remained silent on the issue.

    Sign your name and pledge to boycott Macy's.

    For more background on HB 950, its veto, and the letter sent by Macy's, please visit our website.