Tell Texas politicians you support universal background checks!

Tell Texas Lawmakers that it is time to address the gun violence problem that kills or injures 3,500 Texans a year.

I am asking you to support universal background checks in Texas.

Up to 40 percent of gun purchases in Texas are made without a background check. This means that many individuals with criminal histories or those with mental health issues that may be at risk of harming themselves or others have access to guns. This leaves the public at risk.

It is time to address the gun violence problem that kills or injures 3,500 Texans a year.

Federally licensed firearms dealers must perform background checks and maintain records of sales, but an estimated 40 percent of guns are sold by unlicensed, private sellers. This private sale loophole allows people prohibited from buying guns to obtain guns from private sellers without a background check or a record of their purchase.

Background checks work. They effectively prevent prohibited people from buying guns. Since November 1998, roughly 2.4 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers have been prevented because of background checks.

Universal background checks have been proven to greatly reduce gun violence. In states that require universal background checks: 38 percent fewer women are shot and killed by their intimate partners, 48 percent fewer law enforcement officers are shot and killed with handguns, and 48 percent fewer gun suicides are committed. Without universal background checks, there is an opening for irresponsible buyers to skirt the law. Eighteen states have closed the loophole, and it's time to add Texas to the list.

Efforts to keep guns out of the wrong hands will make our neighborhoods safer from homicide, mass shootings, suicide, and accidents. Join us in making Texas safer for all.